`Reach balance between coding and ${timeConsumingActivity}`

It might seem impossible, but it depends on you.

Acknowledge your priorities

Every person has a different background and different goals, thus they have a unique way to live their daily life. We do lots of different activities each day, some of which we can change, like spending too much time playing video games, and some others that won’t change for now.

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Choose your best cards

Just as we do lots of actions every day, we also face thousands of decisions that we must take, from simple choices like what are we going to have for breakfast, to more complex ones. Now, if we have to make that many decisions in just one day, you can imagine the vast amount of options available for all of them.

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Trial and error

The probability of finding the right schedule on the first try is really slim. There are a lot more variables and actions we can play with than we usually recognize when choosing how to spend our time. In order to achieve balance in the time for each activity, you must find a setup that works with you, not your friends, not successful people, but you.

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