How to get the most out of game dev tutorials

Learning can be a tough process, but how you learn can make a big difference.

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Why watching is not enough

If you’ve seen at least a few game dev video tutorials, you know the quality and the effort put into some of them. It’s definitely a solid method to learn many things, yet you need to be conscious about your learning process itself.

Practice is key

Imagine you just found a great tutorial that explains how to create a 2D game like Zelda in the engine or language of your preference. Even if this game genre is not your favorite, it would still be exciting to begin a new game dev journey with a tutorial like this. Now imagine you complete the course and now have a small videogame, made by yourself. It would also be a good achievement, but the real question is: Would you be able to do this by yourself?

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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